Elephant Armor Asphalt Repair


Elephant Armor® Ultra-High Performance Asphalt Repair is a single component, black, all cementitious, fiber reinforced, fast setting mortar that is ideal as a micro-trenching reinstatement material.  For high rate production, it can be placed with a pump system specifically designed for this application. In addition to the mechanical bond our fiber creates a fully engaged molecular bond within the mortar matrix, providing extremely high tensile and flexural strength.

  • Elephant Armor® Engineered Ductile Mortars contain Proprietary High Performance Fibers meeting requirements of ASTM C-1116.
  • It offers high early and superior bond strength.
  • Unlike other reinstatement materials, Elephant Armor® can be easily milled.
  • Unlike other reinstatement materials, Elephant Armor® does not emit offensive chemical or toxic odors.