GST Clean Concrete


Clean Concrete is a fast acting biodegradable organic salt acid cleaner designed to remove efflorescence, rust, cement scale, mortar, lime deposits, sanded grout residue, hard water deposits and other heavily accumulated dirt and grime. This product is designed for use on non-polished surfaces like: concrete pavers, brick, exposed aggregate, limestone, concrete, slate, granite, marble, sanded grout, porcelain and ceramic tile.

Clean Concrete is a certified ‘green technology’ product.  With GST green products we guarantee compliance with current established green standards.  This product is in manufacturing compliance with EPA/DfE, FDA, NSF, Green Seal, SCAQMD, DOT, Weights & Measures and Water Resource Board.

Pro-Grade Cleaner should always be used as a neutralizing rinse to restore the pH balance on all hardscape surfaces and is mandatory prior to sealing whenever Clean Concrete has been used. This will also apply to any acid staining and/or acid cleaning etching.  Using Pro-Grade Cleaner as a neutralizer will ensure proper adhesion.  This product is non-toxic and color safe for poured in place concrete, stamped concrete and paving stones.

  • Removes efflorescence
  • Removes rust and cement scale
  • Effective on pavers, concrete and brick
  • Easy to apply
  • Replaces heavy acids
  • Environmentally safe, biodegradable
  • Safe and easy to use, water clean up

• Meets or exceeds Federal EPA standards for VOC compliance.
• Meets or exceeds South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, for VOC compliance of less than 100g/l  required by the State of California.