Elephant Armor Mortar/Overlay


The World’s Most Amazing Cementitious Repair and Overlay Product!

GST Elephant Armor® Ultra High Performance Mortar/Overlay is a single component, cementitious, fiber reinforced, medium to fast setting concrete repair and overlay mortar that can be placed with a trowel or textured roller. This ultra-high performance mortar can be used for repair work, maintenance, or new construction. It offers high early strength and superior bond strength. It is shrinkage compensated, so only very minimal shrinkage may occur. This repair mortar is able to maintain a strong resistance to de-icing salts, freezing and thawing, and abrasion.

Elephant Armor® Ultra High Performance Mortar/Overlay is ideal for patch and repair use on: walkways, curbs, ramps, slabs, spalls, cracks, bridges, parking structures, tunnels, dams, industrial plants, anywhere a high strength concrete repair mortar is called for. This low slump fiber mortar can be troweled, shaped or molded to a minimum thickness of ¼”.   

Elephant Armor® Ultra High Performance Mortar/Overlay can be used for structural monolithic overlays for interior and exterior applications. Elephant Armor® can also be used as a structural underlayment for other materials such as self-levelers, trowel coats and epoxies. It has unparalleled structural flexibility and tensile strength and can be used to create seamless floors without control or expansion joints.

Specially engineered as a concrete repair or overlay product that offers tremendous flexural and tensile performance as thin as 1/4". High ductility, allowing the overlay or patch to ‘FLEX’ without failure.

  • Fiber reinforced: Superior flexural and tensile strength as thin as 1/4”
  • High ductility, allowing the overlay or repair to ‘FLEX’ without failure
  • Superior tensile strain capacity of other cement based products
  • Superior bond strength of other fiber based mortars for superior crack resistance
  • Prevents the propagation of existing cracks through the surface
  • Resists de-icing salts, freeze/thaw
  • Highly impermeable and abrasion resistant
  • Ideal as a structural underlayment
  • Unparalleled as a stampable overlay