About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers of temporary traffic control devices in the United States. The traffic control industry has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Products today are better designed, built tested and offer the traveling public a much more visible presence in the work zone. Reflective signs, cones, and barrels are more intense in color and reflectivity, providing the motorist with advance warning and letting them navigate through a work zone safely and with ease. Personal safety devices such as safety vests, hard hats and stop/slow paddles are also much more vivid in color and reflectivity than they have been. All of these devices provide a safer environment in the work zone for both the motorist and the roadway worker.

With the onset of ANSI specifications for personal safety devices, workers have an added measure of safety and visibility in all work zones, both day and night. With the implementation of NCHRP-350 and now MASH Crash Testing for all temporary traffic control devices, safety products in the roadway are much less likely to cause major damage to vehicles or their occupants than ever before.

With new legislation being passed to rebuild our infrastructure, there will be many more workers both in and near the traveling right-of-way. So please help us keep you, your families, and utility & roadway workers safe by obeying posted speed limits in all work zones.

For more than three decades, Bone Safety Signs has been all about the message, and our message is “SAFETY." Bone Safety prides itself on providing safety products for roadway workers, and increasing the safety of the traveling public, today and in the future.

Bone Safety Signs: helping to keep people safe on America’s roadways!


Herman O. Brown