Standard (SM) / Premium Mesh (PM)

Our true fluorescent Orange Mesh is flexible, breathable, and mildew resistant. Great strength and durability, along with high color visibility, make it an ideal fabric for safety applications. Standard Mesh signs do not come with Overlays.

Premium Mesh Signs and Overlays are sewn with orange nylon binding around the perimeter of the sign/overlay face to stabilize the sign/overlay in strong winds. Both Signs and Overlays come with standard durable brass weather resistant reversible snaps. The Signs and the Overlays are designed so that the overlay may be attached to the back of the sign for easy storage.

Both Standard and Premium roll-up mesh signs are intended for daytime use only. They are not intended for use during night operations or low light conditions.

Non-Reflective (NV)

Bone Safety Signs Non-Reflective Fluorescent Orange Roll-Up Sign blanks are constructed of a fabric reinforced UV stable vinyl. This construction will not delaminate and provides excellent durability and fluorescence stability.

Non-Reflective Fluorescent Orange Roll-Up Signs are suitable for maintenance and moving operations. They are intended for daytime use only and not intended for use during night operations or low light conditions.

Reflective (RE)

We use Orafol Reflexite® and 3M™ Roll-Up Hi-Intensity Sign Sheeting RS30 Series consisting of retroreflective microprisms formed on a flexible glossy and UV-stabilized polymeric film, designed for the production of Roll-Up traffic control signs used in work zones and emergency traffic control. This sign sheeting is designed to provide higher nighttime sign brightness.

Series RS30 sheeting has a protective film on the facing side and is backed with a heavy duty vinyl coated fabric.

Diamond Grade (DG)

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Roll-Up Sign Sheeting Series RS20/RS24 is a visible light-activated fluorescent wide angle prismatic lens reflective sheeting designed for the production of Roll-Up traffic control signs used in construction work zones. This sign sheeting is designed to provide higher nighttime sign brightness than sheetings that use glass bead lenses. RS24 sheeting has higher daytime brightness than ordinary (non-fluorescent) colored sheeting. Series RS20/RS24 sheeting is backed with a strong, flexible, gray-coated fabric.

Marathon (M)

Reflexite's Roll-Up sign blanks which utilize Marathon Fluorescence take performance to a higher level. The longer lasting fluorescent color gives the sign a longer useful life and offers outstanding visibility, day and night. Higher levels of photometric performance ensure superior reflectivity at night and in low light conditions. Reflexite High Performance Marathon Fluorescence signs are available in the following colors: fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow-green (lime), non-fluorescent white, and the new fluorescent yellow.

Sign Features

Every Bone Safety Temporary Work Zone Sign has the following features:


NCHRP-350 tested and certified

Bone Corner Pocket
Since 1985, the patented Bone Corner Pocket has become the industry standard for Roll-Up Signs. With an exclusive lifetime warranty, the durable Lexan corner pocket holds the sign frame firmly in place while protecting all four corners of the sign for increased durability. This allows for quick and easy set-up and removal of Roll-Up Signs.

Anti-Kiting Strap
Bone’s anti-kiting feature is a pre-coated nylon strap that attaches to the sign and rib assembly. This device eliminates the sail effect caused by back wind that could walk a stand into oncoming traffic and is a must-have feature for your work zone sign.

Heavy Duty Rib Kit
Our heavy duty rib kit for 36" and 48" Diamond Signs.

SafeZone Series Sign Storage Strap
Bone Safety’s sign storage strap ensures that the Roll-Up Sign will remain rolled up while it remains in storage or while it is being transported.

SafeZone Series Legend Identification
The border legend on Bone’s standard sign legends allows for quick identification of any Bone Roll-Up Sign without the necessity of unrolling the sign face.

What is NCHRP-350
NCHRP-350 is the National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350 "Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Features." It is part of the Federal Highway Administration’s policy on crash testing. NCHRP-350 tested and certified means our signs and stands have undergone crash testing that fits the requirements of the FHWA.

What is the MUTCD?
The MUTCD is the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. In order to ensure that traffic devices are understood throughout the country, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) implemented a series of uniform standards and designs that all traffic signs and devices must adhere to. By buying an MUTCD-compliant sign, you ensure that your sign meets federal regulations.

Bone Sign Accessories
Bone Safety’s line of temporary work zone sign accessories makes sign assembly and transportation easy and quick.

SZ Auto Latch
Bone’s patented corner pocket easily snaps into Auto-Latch. The quick release lever allows for easy sign removal.

SZ Stand Bag
All SafeZone Series Sign Storage Bags are made of a heavy-duty fabric to help in providing protection for your Roll-Up Signs when stored. The bags are mildew and rot-resistant and are designed to prolong the life of your roll-up signs. A must for all reflective signs.

Roll-Up Overlays Available
Change your sign easily with an overlay. All overlay panels attach to sign faces with durable, weather-resistant, brass snap-button fasteners. Velcro may be used upon request. Signs and overlays are designed so that overlays may be attached to the back of the sign for easy storage.