Standard (SM) / Premium Mesh (PM)

Our true fluorescent Orange Mesh is flexible, breathable, and mildew resistant. Great strength and durability, along with high color visibility, make it an ideal fabric for safety applications. Standard Mesh signs do not come with Overlays.

Premium Mesh Signs and Overlays are sewn with orange nylon binding around the perimeter of the sign/overlay face to stabilize the sign/overlay in strong winds. Both Signs and Overlays come with standard durable brass weather-resistant reversible snaps. The Signs and the Overlays are designed so that the overlay may be attached to the back of the sign for easy storage.

Both Standard and Premium roll-up mesh signs are intended for daytime use only. They are not intended for use during night operations or low light conditions.

Available Colors & Sizes:

Orange or White 36x12, 36x24, 36x36, 36x48, 48x24, 48x30, 48x60 and 60x30