SafeZone Series Rubber Base Sign Stand
It has been said, “You can’t be all things to all people.” While that is true for most things in life, it is not true for the SafeZone Series model RBS-103QR-AL Rubber Base Sign Stand. This unique One Base™ system is quick and easy to set up. The quick release design allows the RBS to change from a portable stop sign to a vertical panel in seconds. And, best of all, it’s manufactured from recycled rubber so it’s an environmentally friendly product.

The RBS is an economical choice for City/County Governments, Landscapers, Tree Surgeons & Pavement Companies. 

Quick-Release System is the Key
The Key to the One Base™ system is the unique quick-release mast design. Changing accessories takes less than 10 seconds. To remove the device, simply pull the keeper pin and rotate the mast 15Ëš, then lift and remove. It’s as easy as that. The SafeZone One Base™ system can be used as a sign support and can be used with accessories.

It is quick and easy to assemble the devices on site. Bases are stackable for ease in transportation to and from the job site.