Drive in Stand

The SZ-112 Drive-In Stand is simple and safe to use. Unlike other drive in stands that you have to jump on or beat into the ground with a hammer, the SZ-112 has it’s own built in driving device. Simply grab the upper mast and thrust up and down 5-6 times and you’re done. No twisted ankles, cut legs or flying metal shards to cause injury. Lightweight and compact, the new SZ-112 is easy to transport on any vehicle. Weighing just 6 lbs, this stand is easy to handle and easy to store.

The SZ-112 is the economical choice for City/County Governments, Tree Surgeons, Landscapers and Surveyors.


The SZ-112 is manufactured with our universal bracket. This bracket attaches to the bottom of the vertical rib and may be adjusted to allow for greater bottom height of the sign. The universal bracket accommodates any roll-up sign using a 1” SZ-112 to 1-1/4” width fiberglass frame.